Kyle Sandilands needs to be removed from the media (if not planet).

For those of you who aren’t aware of what shock jock Kyle Sandilands has done this time, here’s the article.

In brief, Sandilands referred to a female journalist as a ‘fat slag’, commented on the size of her “titties”, called her a piece of shit and even went as far as to threaten to ‘hunt her down’ in a vitriolic and threatening rant. 

Of course, this kind of bile is completely and utterly unacceptable. In my eyes, this isn’t merely breaking codes of polite conduct, it’s a clear case of sexual harassment.

If we allow these kinds of rants to go unopposed, Sandiland’s behaviour will be normalised and endorsed.

So what to do about it? Even some of the most fervent Sandilands-haters have said that the best way to combat his behaviour is to ignore it. Unfortunately, Sandilands isn’t a boogeyman whose existence hinges on our attention. He’s a dangerous, angry person with a constant daily listenership of over a million people. 

But the good news is, he’s just a man who, like everyone, is accountable to someone. In this case it’s the sponsors. And yes, after the strong public backlash, they are leaving in droves.

So if you feel really angry about this too, sign the petition, and get the remaining sponsors clinging onto this sinking boat to jump off.

If you have the time to comment on the sponsor’s facebook pages, maybe remind them that they have the heavy weight of social responsibility on their shoulders. It is of very grave importance that they take a stand on this issue to prove that this kind of behaviour is in no way acceptable at home, at work, or in the public sphere.